The Ultimate Pokemon Go Hack

What is PokeGoHacker?

It’s the best thing when it comes to cheats for Pokemon Go. The core of the app will manipulate the game in many ways taking advantage of any backdoors, exploits, and vulnerabilities within the game’s code. It is the ultimate hacking tool, every player should have this before venturing out on a Pokemon hunt or battling for gyms.

We’ve all been walking around all day catching lame Pokemon when suddenly a rare one pops up! Guess what? Now you’re out of Pokeballs… but if you had our app you would get a bundle of free Pokeballs with just a tap! It doesn’t just give you Pokeballs, we’ve added in a ton of features to make this the all in one hack, the only one you’ll ever need! Continue reading below to find out what else it is capable of.

Use the Joystick or Auto Walk your Trainer

A lot of rare Pokemon are hiding inside those eggs. But in order to get the Pokemon hiding inside, you either have to walk 2km, 5km, or even 10km! Some people have tried crazy things to hatch eggs, like tying their phones up to a ceiling fan and letting it spin around at high speeds, only to find their phones smashed up or stuck in a wall. Now you can hatch eggs while you sleep without worrying about destroying your phones or mobile devices! While most other hacking apps only offer one speed we’ve calibrated the auto-walking feature to make your trainer stand in place, walk, jog, and run randomly to simulate a real life person actually playing the game.

Evolve all your Pokemon with Unlimited Candy

Certain Pokemon can be very hard to find and sometimes you need a number of those breeds of Pokemon to evolve them to their final form. We included a feature in the Pokemon Go hack that gives you as much Candy as you need for any Pokemon you currently have captured. It’s a candy cheat that oh so sweet!

Stardust for Max Upgrades

Collecting Stardust is a time consuming process. It’s the only item that will level up the CP (combat power) of your Pokemon which makes it just as important as Candy. So we had to add another feature in the Pokemon Go hack that will give you unlimited Stardust. All you have to do is enter in the number that you need and you will see it added to your account in less than a minute.

Stardust is a valuable resource that you collect and use in Pokemon Go. It’s only used in the game is to power up the Pokemon you have caught, raising their CP. Using stardust at the right time is crucial. You wouldn’t want to waste this resource which is super difficult to get on weak low tier Pokemon. Making your Pokemon strong is only achievable with the use of Stardust, there is no way to train your Pokemon and gain EXP through battle, like in traditional Pokemon games. It’s not always difficult to get Stardust, sometimes they run special bonuses that give you double the amount of Stardust like around the holidays or if you catch Pokemon over a 7-day streak.

There are other ways to get Stardust quickly and in large amounts. One way is by using our Pokemon Go hack which instantly puts Stardust straight into your account. But if you prefer slower methods you can go about your day catching Pokemon, each Pokemon you catch gives you 100 vials of Stardust and some Candy to go along with it. But make sure you pack up some Pokeballs before you go out on your hunt or you may find yourself running out. The best place to catch Pokemon is in densely populated areas or tourist spots, Pokemon will spawn pretty much anywhere without having to wait around all too much. It’s best to wait for seasonal events that usually happen around the holidays which give you twice the amount of Stardust.

If you hatch your Pokemon Eggs you also get Stardust. 10km Eggs yield the most Stardust ranging up to around 2000 Stardust. The 5km and 2km Eggs give you less, but you do have to walk less. Always before sure, you have your Pokemon Eggs in incubators before going out to catch Pokemon or even for a run. Hatching a 10km would only take about an hour if you were to go out for a run, not easy for most but doable if you train for it. Isn’t the goal of the game to turn you into a Pokemon master? Being fit certainly, does help you achieve that goal!

You also get rewarded Stardust if you take over a Gym or defend a Gym that you currently have Pokemon inside. Defending a Gym successfully gives you 500 Stardust which is a set and forget type of thing if you have a monstrous Pokemon sitting in there.

Pokemon Go GPS hack: fake your Location

Live close to a Pokestop but you still have to walk a couple of steps outside just to get to it. Some people are lucky enough to be living right next to a Pokestop which kind of makes it unfair for the rest of us. So we added the feature to spoof your GPS location in Pokemon Go. The GPS hack will instantly teleport your trainer to any desired location using GPS coordinates you enter. You can also travel to any city you enter and explore on your own using the in-game joystick that’s also included in Pokegohacker. Don’t want to teleport? You also have the option to make your Pokemon trainer walk to any desired location. Use it to hatch your eggs, get candy from your Pokemon buddy, all while still appearing legit. We added some useful tips on how to use the GPS hacking option in the FAQ section below. We highly recommend you read it before using this feature in the game.

Hide your Lure Module from other Teams & Players

Are you tired of hordes of people coming to your lure module and taking all the Pokemon around you? With our Pokemon Go hack tool you can cloak any lure modules you setup. The opposing teams won’t see anything on their maps, it will look like just any other regular Pokestop. All you have to do is set lure module cloaking on before setting up your lure on the pokestop and select whether you want it only visible to your team or only to yourself. Other trainers will still be able to catch Pokemon that are attracted to your lure module if they are in the surrounding area of the lure. If someone else tries to put a lure module on the same Pokestop it will display it on their map with their username but it won’t use up one of their own lures until your lure runs out.

Tired of waiting for your Pokecoins? We have a Faster way to get them without having to purchase them

The only way to get free Pokecoins in Pokemon Go is by beating gyms and placing one of your Pokemon in them. The more gyms you take over the more Pokecoins you can claim but this is only after a 24 hour period, you have to wait for the time to cycle again before you can redeem another set of free Pokecoins. During this time of waiting losing your gym and getting your Pokemon kicked out is possible. So If you haven’t claimed your free Pokecoins while you’re running the gym you will lose them all. So we decided to build a Pokecoins generator right into the Pokemon Go hack tool because losing gyms overnight sucks and we didn’t feel like buying Pokecoins either.

Find out where the Rare Pokemon are spawning

Pokevision is gone and now you’re looking for an alternative? We added in the spawning locations of Pokemon and the duration they’ll be there for. You simply scan the area and it will show you the Pokemon around you or you can search for a specific one by using the search function. The search function is powerful and will show you the Pokemon you are looking for within a minute. It will find the nearest one to you and will give you the option to auto-walk and catch the Pokemon for you.

Stuck on Team Mystic, Valour, or Instinct? Now you can Switch Teams!

Once you pick a team you can’t go back to being team-less or have the ability to switch over to another team. All your friends might be on a different team and you’re the only one stuck on one of the opposing teams. Now you can’t join them in team gym battles, put a Pokemon in the gym once they win, help prestige the gym, or gather Pokecoins. Now that just sucks doesn’t it? This is the reason we decided to integrate this into PokeGoHacker. Joining another team is easy but it requires 24 hours before you can join another team if you’ve already tried switching teams.

Locate other Pokemon trainers

Do you want to find other Pokemon trainers around you? Currently the only way to find them is by looking at random people looking at their phones while walking around and checking to see if they are flicking their screens, which makes it pretty obvious. This feature is still in beta but we added it into PokeGoHacker. Instead of seeing actual Pokemon trainers on your map you will see dots of where they are. Other trainers will only show up on your map only if they have Pokemon Go open on their device.


When you download the App from a Windows or Mac computer all the files will be in a zip file. You can manually upload the files to your device via USB and run the install. We do not have a hack that runs on desktop computers, it only works on the device where Pokemon Go is installed.

No jailbreak is needed to run the App.

  • Don’t instantly travel from one city to another, especially another country within seconds.
  • Use the auto-walk feature to get you to a different place, if you want to get there faster use the car simulated speed feature.
  • If you want to travel to another country then give it a couple of days before you set it to that location. You want to make it look like you traveled there via airplane.